“We won’t say that it was an accidental invention, but SoHoodie originated on a bit of a luck among friends.  One day while working out, we decided we loved the feel of the hooded sweatshirt but didn’t want the bulk of an entire sweatshirt.  We had seen guys cut off the long sleeves of a sweatshirt but that wasn’t good enough.  It was still too heavy for the workout.  So we decided to grab a pair scissors and cut off the hood from a sweatshirt and thus SoHoodie was born.

The stand-alone hood had the perfect feel of a hoodie sweatshirt without being too hot for a workout.  We also realized that the SoHoodie was absolutely perfect for cold weather.  SoHoodie keeps the head and neck warm and provides protection from the winter elements without messing up your hair or the need to put on or remove an entire layer of clothing.  SoHoodie is the coolest alternative to the winter hat.

The next evolution of SoHoodie came from the inspiration of watching athletes put towels on their heads while sitting on the bench.  We realized that a terry cloth towel felt great on your head to wipe off the sweat or to cool you down, but an entire towel on the head just looked stupid – at least it did to us.  We decided we needed to make a hood just out of terry cloth material.  We started working out in the prototype and it felt so great during a workout.  We even dunked the hood in ice cold water after a workout and put it our head and it felt awesome.  Hence, the terry cloth hood was born.